Do you want guaranteed income for life?

Then an insured annuity is the right product for you. An insured annuity essentially provides a guaranteed regular income stream, which could last for life; and, at the end of life, returns the capital to one’s heirs. This is a wise strategy.

Increased life expectancy has Canadians worrying that they will outlive their retirement assets, this nervousness is reasonable and understandable but benefits of an insures annuity can provide peace of mind.


Features of an Insured Annuity

  • Guaranteed income for life.
  • Regular income payment.
  • Some distinct tax advantages.
  • Tax-deferred growth.
  • Preservation of capital.


If you are retired, or approaching retirement, an insured annuity is something you should consider for long-term income security. It provides guaranteed income that will complement other sources of income and allows you to preserve your capital for the eventual transfer to your heirs.


An insured annuity is important component of a larger diversified plan.

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