Are you hard to insure?

There are life insurance plans specifically designed for no medical underwriting for a lower face value. The premium may be slightly higher than a brokered insurance plan designed for healthy people.

You will only have to answer the typical questions in the policy application.


These plans work best for people who:

  • Have previously been turned down by insurers.
  • Are hard to insure.
  • Have been long-term smokers.
  • Are overweight.
  • Refuse to take a medical exam.


Before you purchase this plan, we can advise you of your options based on your health history, or if there are past failed applications. By searching the market, we will find the most suitable plan for your situation. You may be able to be underwritten by certain underwriters who accept more risk.

We will assess both a regular and/or non-medical life insurance plans and may advise submitting both types of applications. Both traditional and non-medical insurance plan benefits are 100% tax-free in Canada when paid to beneficiaries.


We can help you get the insurance protection you need.

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