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Beyond simply offering wealth management and insurance products, Johnson, Smikle & Associates works with you to make recommendations based on what best suits your unique needs and individual situation.

As your trusted advisors, we are committed to helping you fulfil your financial services and insurance needs. Our remuneration is in the form of fees, commissions, or a combination of both, and we do our best to give you advice on how to keep your costs as low as possible. For those early in their careers or just starting a business, it may be more cost effective to pay for services through regular commissions and/or flat fees. However, for those who are more established in their career or business, and have accumulated a certain level of assets, a fee-based model is typically more advantageous.


We provide the following consultation services on a fee for service basis.

  • Estate, financial and succession planning.
    Do you want to move your business to the next generation while minimizing tax? Need to plan for retirement? Set up a trust? We can help.
  • Reviewing your plan to pass on wealth to your heirs.
    What are the tax implications of passing on wealth? How will capital gains impact your plans? We can help answer these questions.
  • Buy and sell business consultation.
  • Incorporation services.
    We make incorporating your business easy! Our fast and reliable incorporation services come with free consultation, business structuring, and include:
    • Government registration
    • Corporate name
    • Customized minute book
    • Corporate by-laws and resolutions
    • Share certificates
  • Existing policy review.
    Get a better understanding of your existing policy provisions and contract information.
  • Tax-proofing your existing insurance coverage.


What are your financial services and insurance needs? We are confident we can help.

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