The most cost-effective way to make a significant gift to your favourite charity is through life insurance.

When using life insurance for charitable gifting, it is important to consider different strategies and the different tax benefits.


5 Strategies to Consider


Make a substantial donation using a life insurance policy which causes only a small premium.

You can gain tax benefits and guarantee that the value of your gift will not be reduced by taxes, probate, or administrative costs.


Transferring ownership of a fully or partially paid policy to a charity of your choice and name it as beneficiary.

You will receive a donation receipt for the cash surrender value immediately, future premium payments will also provide you with tax receipt.


Purchase a new policy and make your favourite charity the owner.

When you make the charity the owner and beneficiary of a policy, you are entitled to tax receipts for premium payments.


Make the charity the beneficiary of your policy without transferring ownership.

The proceeds of the policy will be paid to the charity immediately upon your death. New tax regulations allow your estate to receive a charitable tax deduction for the amount of the insurance proceeds.


Name your estate the beneficiary of the life insurance policy and bequeath the death benefits of the policy to a charity in your will.

You will not receive tax benefits; however, your estate’s tax liability will be reduced.


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